One Day Bathrooms

The one-day bathroom remodel starts with an in-home design estimate by a member of our experienced staff. You will discuss the products that will help achieve the vision that you have for your bathroom, measurements will be taken, and a free estimate given. From accessories to essential accents, you will talk about what you want to transform your bathroom from what it is now into what you want it to be. When the design is complete, our professionals come to your home and install your new bathroom in one day.

Durable Products

At MGR Remodel, the products and materials that we use in our one-day bathrooms are durable and outfitted in a way that they become permanent parts of your bathroom. We make sure that every component adheres as it should and that your specifications are carried out accordingly. We use a superior process in the design of your new bathroom system, which allows an endless number of possibilities that will last for years to come. From color and design patterns to the design of your shower or bathtub, our one-day bathroom remodel capabilities enable us to create bathrooms that suit any style.

Bathrooms of Any Size

It doesn’t matter which bathroom you want to be remodeled. We can perform both one-day master bath remodels and small bath remodels. A master bath remodel can involve the installation of bathtub liners, shower resurfacing, a new vanity, a new countertop, and new fixtures. A small bath remodel can turn a small space into a more usable space. Perhaps you just need a bathtub remodel or maybe you want the entire room to look different. Again, the possibilities are virtually endless. All you need to do is tell our Minneapolis bathroom remodeling company what you want.

If you don’t know what you want, that’s okay too because we can evaluate your space and show you options based on your style. This can help you decide what you would like for your bathroom to look like. Once you decide, we design it and make it happen for you.

Contact A Minneapolis Bathroom Remodeling Company

A one-day bathroom remodel minimizes the disruption to your household. However, the speed of the job completion doesn’t compromise the quality of the finished product. In fact, we use materials that create a permanent fit so that your new bathroom will last for years to come. To learn more about MGR Remodel’s one-day bathrooms, call us at 612-483-4000.